Ways to Keep Your Joints Healthy10

Our joints bear a lot of weight for us every day. The following guide may help you maintain healthy joints.

Balanced Diet

Keep a balanced diet — A varied and balanced diet is at the base of joint health, as well as a healthy life in general. Inadequate nutrition, in addition to affecting the psycho-physical well-being, is one of the main risk factors for the onset of many chronic diseases also at the joint level.

Exercise regularly — Physical activity increases the benefits of healthy eating. Regular physical activity, even moderate intensity, contributes to improving all aspects of quality of life. Conversely, the lack of physical activity contributes to the onset of some of the most common problems today, including joint disorders.
symptoms and risk factors

Pay attention to any symptoms and risk factors — Taking care of your joints means keeping in mind potential risk factors including obesity, advanced age, inactivity, trauma, and work activities that place repetitive stress on joints. Be aware of symptoms that may indicate problems with joint health.